Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The weight of memory

I have just returned from a visit to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where I had lunch with a former classmate who is visiting from Egypt. As I drove onto the campus, I felt the same sense of peace that always steals over me when I arrive there. Somehow this trip to meet a friend I had not seen since graduation almost five years ago brought back so many memories that I found myself momentarily weighed down by both the reality of now and the reality of then. Perhaps that is always the result of being in a "thin" place where heaven and earth are close upon one another. I have felt the same thing in Iona, and also standing among the ruins at Troy. I suspect that time is more fluid than we humans realize with our constant drive to contain and organize and control our world and our lives. Perhaps time, like God, cannot be neatly contained in the categories and forms within which we try to restrain them. I suspect that's a good thing. What's life without mystery!

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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