Friday, September 14, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

I pray each day for God to show me how I might be of service. Last night's opportunity came out of nowhere, as such opportunities seem to do. I was driving home from the monthly Live Poets Society meeting and was almost to our driveway when the headlights reflected on a small dog standing in the rain in the middle of the road. My first thought was that it was Naiyah, who should have been named Houdini. She regularly escapes from the house across the street. I had managed to lure her into the car on one occasion and return her to her frustrated owners, who had been chasing her for some time without success. I stopped and opened my door and called the dog, which promptly jumped into the car. I realized immediately that the tiny Yorkie was too small to be Naiyah, but remembered the other  neighbors across the street had a Yorkie. I pulled into the garage, turned off the engine, shut the garage door and got out of the car. My prisoner escaped and dashed under my husband's car. I finally lured her inside and called the neighbors, while my husband tried to capture our wet visitor to dry her off. No answer, and no one home when we walked across the road to try to return her. I suggested  my husband try to reach his colleague through the hospital operator. The operator connected him with our neighbor, who was out of town. The dog's owner immediately contacted the neighbor down the road who was taking care of the little Yorkie in their absence, and that neighbor showed up a few minutes later to pick up our unexpected guest, now drier and no longer shivering with cold and fear. We live in a great neighborhood, with people who know and care for each other.

It rained all night last night, a welcome relief from the drought. I am glad our little visitor was not outside in the rain and glad I had the opportunity to rescue one of God's tiny creatures. I've learned there are often opportunities for service if I simply pay attention. I've done angel duty before, but this is the first time it involved a dog. Trying to be of service in God's kingdom is never boring!

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue