Thursday, August 23, 2007


I talked with our neighbors this morning as I returned from walking our dog, Moses, and I learned that they are taking their oldest child off to college today. His mama commented that she couldn't believe how fast the time had gone (meaning his life since birth), and then said she knew I understood as we now have grandchildren. I wished her well and said I knew taking a child off to school for the first time is such a bittersweet experience. She agreed as we both got a little teary-eyed. I still remember taking our sons off to college (I even remember when they started kindergarten!), and while I would not trade the adult relationships we now have for the ones we had when they were teenagers, I do miss having them around.

As I watched our first born hold his first born for the first time a week ago, I was forcefully reminded that at the moment they are born,our children begin their journey away from us. Literally at birth, as well as when they leave home for college, but also in more subtle ways in between, and after they leave home for that matter as they create families of their own and pursue their own careers. After all that is the job of children, to learn to stand on their own and make their way in the world. And our job as parents is to help them do that using all the resources we can muster as we love them no matter what. But it is a bittersweet journey--full of pride, and love and grief as the tiny baby we held close grows to adulthood. Thankfully God is with us on this journey. Otherwise I would not have survived thus far!

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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