Friday, January 7, 2011


I spent the day of Epiphany with writer friends, beginning with an early writing group at a local Starbucks where we write responses to short prompts and then share what we have written. I suggested epiphany as a topic and it prompted some interesting results. I wrote that it had been some time since I had had the kind of epiphany that is a sudden insight. I was rewarded by a couple of epiphanies almost immediately that morning. Our second topic for the morning was piles. We laughed at each others comments. I discovered that each of us struggled to deal with the piles of information and stuff in our lives. It was a blessing to know that others also struggle with this problem, and I am not alone. Epiphany number one. I also discovered, as I listened to Bonnie, a reason I had not considered for my own struggles. She wrote that as a child she was a good little girl because that was expected by her demanding parents, but the one thing they could not control was her piles of papers and belongings, which she maintained as her own domain. Epiphany number two. I too was a good little girl with little freedom in my life and many demands, but mostly my belongings were my own to keep. It was the one place in my life where I could get away with some disorder. Strange to think I may have continued that childhood habit into adulthood. Perhaps this insight will help me tackle and reduce some of the current piles. It is time to lighten my load as I enter this new year. God's grace comes in the small blessings of insights from friends as well as in the large ones in this life.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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