Thursday, December 30, 2010


Only one more day is left in this year. I wonder what the new one will bring. I plan on being more intentional in the writing this coming year. I am glad to have a few days to slow down after the rush of the last few weeks, topped off by preaching in my home church the day after Christmas, while our new pastor was away visiting family. The week before Christmas, our church hosted three families through the Family Promise program. My husband and I usually sign up as overnight hosts, and we slept on a blow-up bed on the floor of the pastor's office again. A couple of nights later when we came to church for choir practice, we had a chance to see some of our guests again. I heard music as we left practice and went downstairs to investigate. There I found that night's hosts, the youth director and her husband, along with their daughter and two teenagers from two of the three families at the piano, playing and singing Christmas carols. One of the teenagers played her flute and the other sang like an angel. I joined in along with my husband and the choir director, who was coaxed into playing. For a time, we were no longer separated by the chasm between those who have homes and those who don't, but were one family, joined together by God's grace through the power of music.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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