Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring explosion

I don't think I will ever become accustomed to the way spring simply explodes out of nowhere here in Central Texas. Somehow spring's arrival seemed more gradual in the north where I grew up. Only a couple of weeks ago, we had snow and all was grey and dreary when it melted. Then I realized that the neighbors' red bud trees were blooming, and the native plants in our yard are sporting spring green. Yesterday when I walked the dogs, it was warm, almost 80, and a hint of the summer that will be here all too soon. I have learned that spring here is fleeting so I try to soak it up while I can. Not long ago I was having trouble remembering what it felt like to be warm outside, as last August I could not remember what it felt like to walk outside and be cool. I am glad for the regularity of the seasons, which come and go no matter what else changes in my life. They are a reminder of God's faithfulness. Just like the coming of spring, I can count on God always being there, no matter the circumstances of my life. I'm grateful for that knowledge.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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