Monday, January 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I was privileged to spend most of this past weekend with women from our church. We laughed a lot and shed some tears as well as we gathered around the theme of Women of God's Good Earth. Jan Seale, a gifted Texas writer and poet was our leader. I was responsible for the vespers services on Friday and Saturday evenings. As we were all weary Friday evening coming in from our busy lives, I talked about making space for God, using the book Space for God, and then engaged them in contemplative prayer, after giving each woman a candle to light. I thought with a candle in their laps they'd be less likely to fall asleep. Saturday night, I talked about gratitude to God, using another chapter from the same book, and asked them to list things they were thankful for from their time at the retreat. As I listened to them share from their hearts the things for which they were thankful and looked at their beautiful faces shining in the light from their candles, my heart was full of gratitude for the privilege of knowing them. They have blessed my life with their friendship. We closed with "Women at the Well" and "Sus Madres," two poems by Anne McCrady, another gifted Texas writer and poet. I think as long as there are women gathering together to pray and give thanks to God, there is hope for God's good earth yet.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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