Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

We're in San Antonio for a family Thanksgiving celebration. At the moment all is quiet. One grandson is sleeping and the two youngest went to the zoo. Grandpa is watching football, and I'm trying to learn to navigate around my new laptop, which has a different keyboard. I like the Spanish name for Thanksgiving Day, el Dia de Accion de Gracias, the day for thanks action. Somehow that sounds like more is required than just sitting and eating, or even praying, though prayer is always a good action. The last two days I have been offering up many prayers of thanksgiving for family and friends, for health and living in peace and safety. Too many around the world lack these most basic requirements for well-being, for shalom. I'm especially thankful for being welcome in my sons' homes and for the opportunity to spend time with them, our beautiful daughters-in-law and our grandsons. To be this blessed has been worth all the struggle and occasional pain in the experience of arriving at this point in my life. I will try to give thanks each new day that God grants me on this earth.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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