Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Clock Angel

We were invited to a Halloween party by our oldest grand kids last weekend. We went with simple costumes. I once again dressed as the Fairy Grandmother in my long white dress with the scepter decorated with tinsel and the fuzzy halo. Of course the halo could also signify an angel, which is what the kids often assume. My husband asked me to bring him a simple costume from the grocery store if I could find one, so I brought home bright red horns surrounded with black fur on a head band. I told him it was not a comment on his personality, but the only thing available. He wore his red shirt. Some of the kids were a little frightened of the devil.

We helped set up the party, and while the 35 kids that had been invited ran around and had fun, I sat on the front porch with the big silver alarm clock, setting it off at regular intervals so the older kids and the younger kids could take turns in the jumping castle--our daughter-in-law wisely decided there would be less chance of injury that way. As the alarm didn't work on schedule, I set it off by simply turning it on, which worked fairly well. It also allowed me to vary the times, less for the little ones when they lost interest, and cutting short the time for the older ones when they became too violent in their jumping onto and into each other.

I wasn't sure anyone (besides the kids in the jumping castle) was really paying much attention to what I was doing. But, as she was leaving the party, one mother told me she had told her son he had to pay attention to the Clock Angel and leave the jumping castle when the alarm went off. So I have a new name, which I'm still thinking about. I think I like it. My mind keeps running to the scripture that says, "My times are in Your hands." I like knowing that all the days and times of my life are in God's good hands. Maybe he even has a Clock Angel to help keep track.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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