Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Athe merciful

I witnessed a small miracle this morning at the local U.S. Post Office substation, not a place I generally think of as miraculous. There were a couple of people ahead of me with the two clerks on duty at the counter. One woman was mailing heavy packages, probably for a business, so that understandably took awhile. Another woman was being assisted step by step in listing the contents of her two packages, popcorn, drink mix and cookies, and calculating the exact weight. She obviously needed the help. In fact when the clerk asked if she could help by taping one of the packages, after a moment the clerk gently said, "let me do that." The miracle was not in the kindness of the people who work there. I have seen them in action often, and in spite of the rudeness they sometimes encounter, they are always polite and helpful. The miracle was that no one in the growing line behind me verbally complained while we were kept waiting. I wonder if they assumed, as I did, that the women who needed help was mailing a package to a soldier overseas. If so, then it was our way of supporting our troops, and their families, by our actions. It's nice to be reminded once in awhile that ordinary people can be nice folk, even at the post office when you least expect it.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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