Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Farmers' Market

Summer has officially arrived. The local farmers' market is now open. I went yesterday for the first time this year before braving the local grocery store. I bought a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables--sweet Texas onions, yellow squash, beets with the greens still attached, tomatoes, blackberries and peaches. God's bounty is so beautiful and so delicious! Last night I washed and chopped the greens before sauteing them and roasted the beets. Along with pot stickers (I've become a Chinese dumpling addict!), they made a great supper. Besides the wonderful, healthy eating, I find it a blessing to visit with the farmers who bring the fruits of their hard work to share. Time seems to slow down in their presence. Perhaps that's because they are used to waiting patiently for the plants to mature. Some things cannot be forced or sped up, but must wait for God's time to reach their fullness. I'm going to try to remember that in the coming days as I go about my writing work.

Grace and Peace,
Donna Sue

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